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COVID-19 Pandemic:   Good News !
   We have resumed our in-church services! 

 In addition, we are continuing to conduct services via a zoom video meeting at the usual 10:30 a.m. time.
Contact the church office for the details on how you may "attend", i.e. participate.

The WUMC Mission:

Empowered by the Holy Spirit,
     the Willcox United Methodist Church will...
    ... be a Christ-centered church,
       living and spreading the word of Christ;
   ... endeavor to make disciples of all who enter its doors
       or are touched by its people;
   ... be vibrant and alive, providing programs that encourage
      everyone to grow in relationship to God and to one another;
   ... be fruitful and grow, not only in numbers but also in the
      depth of faith of those who participate.

Pastor Linda Larsen
Rev. Linda Larsen
Welcome to the Willcox United Methodist Church website.  I hope that after you have a chance to look around our website that you will want to come and join us in Worship and Sunday School.

We offer Christian Education classes for all age groups.  Toddlers, Preschool, Early Elementary, Jr. High, High School, Young Adults, Middle Adults, and Young-in-Spirit Adults.  We are actively involved in mission work, within the community and around the world as we seek to faithfully live into the call of Jesus to make disciples of all people.

It is our intention to make every guest feel at home from the moment they first set foot on the church grounds, as they enter the Sanctuary for Worship or one of our classes.  We hope you will get the feeling that we have been waiting in great anticipation for your arrival, a coming home of sorts.

Altar. We also want people to know that Worship is something we  get to, and not have to, do.  It is a time when we can experience the joy of the Lord and learn something about the Bible as well,  We try to offer a blend of traditional and contemporary styles of music using hymnals and YouTube presentations in conjunction with the dressing of the altar each week according to the sermon for the week.

We hope you will choose to join us this Sunday as we seek the Lord in Worship.

We also have a Facebook page.  You are certainly welcome to browse there.  Just click -> Facebook link

Located at the corner of Curtis and Maley (one block west of the "downtown" stoplight).

Our regular Sunday schedule:
     Sunday School for all ages...       9:00 a.m.  -  10:00 a.m.
     Fellowship Time...                       10:00 a.m.  -  10:20 a.m.
     Worship Service...                       10:30 a.m.  -  11:45 a.m.
  ONLY the Worship Service and _Adult_ Sunday school are currently being held.

Some service recordings are available.  They have not been edited so what you see
is what took place - with all the artifacts of a live recording. You may expand the view to
"full-screen" if you wish.
  Just click on the -play- icon in the video window.

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Please Note:  some browsers may appear to fail when trying to play these recordings.
If your browser waits "forever", i.e. more than 15 seconds, it is likely that you have
your browser preference settings to "preload page links" (or something similar) and
since there are more than 25 recordings (links) of 350 Megabytes each it implies a
VERY LONG time to preload everything before playback can start.  Since every broswer
is different, the best advice is to use your favorite search engine and search for
    "<browser> disable link preload"
(where you fill in <browser> with Edge, or Firefox, or Explorer, or whatever is
appropriate for your computer)  then follow the instructions you find there.

The video will play in a small window just past the end of the list of available recordings. You may have to scroll down to see it.

For dates earlier than those listed below (back to May 2020) you will find them available on the "Archive" page.
For that archive index click here -> ARCHIVED SERVICES

This is the service Recorded April 3
This is the service Recorded April 10
This is the service Recorded April 14       -Maundy Thursday-
This is the service Recorded April 15       -Good Friday-
This is the service Recorded April 17
This is the service Recorded April 24
This is the service Recorded May 1
This is the service Recorded May 8
This is the service Recorded May 15
This is the service Recorded May 22
This is the service Recorded May 29
This is the service Recorded June 5
This is the service Recorded June 12
This is the service Recorded June 19
This is the service Recorded June 26
This is the service Recorded July 3
This is the service Recorded July 10
This is the service Recorded July 17
This is the service Recorded July 24
This is the service Recorded July 31
This is the service Recorded August 7

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